Thursday, July 21, 2011

U2 Concert and a Delicious Cookie!

Last night me and my mom went to see U2! Ahhh it was such a great night! But, besides being serenaded by the one and only Bono for 2 and a half hours, I had to sample one of the Mrs. Field's Cookies that the vendors were selling all around the new Meadowlands Stadium! Soft, gooey, and so delicious! I think I might just have to clone these wonderful works of art! But for right now, I'll just share the picture I had to take of the cookie before I work on the recipe!

(Not to mention, the chocolate chips had melted a bit since it was about 100 degrees!)

(Yes, we were a bit high up there, but it was still an amazing night!)


(Bono has put on another great show yet again!)


  1. Hi, Pinky - no prob, youre welcome!
    u2 photos are great!
    your blog and site are great - you will do well, miss pinky! glad to have been a part of your life, while you were growing up! hope to see you sometime!
    love always, lisa

  2. Thank you Lisa! The nickname "Pinky" is still my favorite!
    Xoxox Pinky