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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

London, England Bakeries!

On my recent trip to London, England, I had to visit a few of London's finest bakeries. London, being the most beautiful city in the entire world!, also has some of the most beautiful bakeries and baked goods. During my frequent bakery searches, I came across some bakeries that really stood out. The first one was called Primrose Bakery. Primrose Bakery had to be the smallest place I've ever seen, but they could make one heck of a cupcake! I had the pleasure of tasting their Oreo Cupcake, which, honestly, couldn't have been more delicious!

 (I wish I took a picture of my cupcake, but it was gone in no time!)

Anyway... the next bakery I came across was called Candy Cakes. This place is a real eye-catcher! Bright blue, bright pink, bright yellow and green! You just couldn't pass it up, and I'm so glad I didn't! The cupcake menu was endless! Being a banana and toffee lover, I had the pleasure of sampling one of London's finest flavors, Banoffee (banana toffee).

Ahhh.... and now let me tell you about what I like to call "A Dream Come True"- Harrod's Department Store. Unlike most department stores, Harrod's is one of a kind. What's better then shopping and eating all at the same time? Um....nothing comes to my mind! Harrod's has its very own floor dedicated to food! This floor is also known as the "Food Hall". Meats, sandwiches, meals-to-go, desserts, desserts, desserts, and also some more desserts! Being the baker that I am, I tend to notice the sweets more then anything else. So, my camera and I took a little tour of the Food Hall and captured some of these great pictures!

And last, but not least, Camden Market and Covent Garden. Camden Market is a very unique market, held on the weekends, that is filled with the most random, yet exquisite things. For example, the huge Donut Cart!

Covent Garden was another market filled with shops and entertainment. Covent Garden was the location of Candy Cakes and a few other bakeries and sweet shops.

Well that about does it! The best vacation of my life! Not to mention, I was there for the Royal Wedding! Such an exciting week and also a very delicious week! London is by far one of the best cities for those of us with a sweet tooth!

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